Francisco Anaya-Alvarez

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Game Projects

Game Projects

Benjamin Franklin: Scottsman Hunter

This side-scroller platform game was created in Unity 3 for the Collins College Game Jam competition. The game had to be created in a time span of 48 hours with only five team members and had to cotain the following ingridents:

Person: Benjamin Franklin

Place: Angkor Wat

Thing: Kilt

Once the voting was completed by the general public and reviewed by specific judges, this project was tittled the Game Jam Champion.

Role: Environmental Artist 

Trash Heap

Top down shooter game in which you are a robot sent to stop the old war machines to save the planet.

This game uses the Unity 3 engine and was created for our Senior Game Project that took a total of ten weeks. This game was produced by a total of four team members and my role on this project are the followign: Level Designer, Team Lead, Concept Artist, and Animator.

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